Eugene Woodworkers Group

Cloudlift Bench by Bob Passaro.


44” x 17” x 10.5”


  To form a collective of persons of varied skill levels and aesthetics who share a love of wood and woodworking. To promote, teach, and share the craft of woodworking

1. Create a community of folks interested in working with wood.
2. Promote the craft and foster an appreciation of fine woodworking in the public.
3. Promote the work of its members through group shows, a website, and a professional directory.
4. Create a place for camaraderie, encouragement, sharing, and networking materials, skills, ideas, jobs, and fun!
5. Teach and pass along traditional skills as well as creating and encouraging new ideas.
6. Find positive ways to interface with, and give back to, the greater community.
7. Encourage respect for the materials we use and the trees and forests from which they came.

Monthly Meetings





Splinters’ monthly meetings are normally held in the second week of each month at 6pm. Locations and dates vary from month to month. 


To find out more, contact us.  Keep up to date by joining the Splinters Google Group.