Eugene Woodworkers Group


Tim Boyden

Creating functional art, blending fine woodworking with naturally wild elements in a rustic style.  Work includes tables, benches, lamps, and chairs, including eclectic reused/recycled pieces.

E-mail: rboy@efn.org

Phone: 541-342-5937

Jonathan Jost

Craftsman style furniture and interiors.

Tim Neun, Tim Neun Fine Furniture

I design and manufacture stunning conference tables, distinctive boardroom furniture and elite residential pieces.  My work is exemplary and will convey to others that you or your firm manifests that same dynamic quality.  Know that your piece will be tailored to transcend your highest expectations.  Shipping to discriminating clients, worldwide.

E-mail: jonathanjo@comcast.net

Phone: 541-520-4841

Phone: 00+1-541-228-5604

E-mail: timneun@hotmail.com


Jonathan Plummer, Bunchberry Woodworking

Specializing in quality custom cabinets and furniture with environmentally-friendly materials and practices since 2002.

E-mail: jonathan@bunchberry-woodworking.com



Stephen White, Luminessence

Phone: 541-344-2124

E-mail: lightsculpture@comcast.net


Seth San Filippo, Urban Lumber

Specialty lumber and custom furniture from locally salvaged city trees.  Wide slabs, burls, millwork, and commissions available.  Retail store open 9-5 Monday-Friday.  2440 Main St. Springfield, OR.

Phone: 541-988-9663

E-mail: seth@urbanlumbercompany


Clay DeForge

I make decorative inlayed hope, dreams, and aspirations boxes, tables, and inlayed cheese boards.  Beautiful, functional art. 

Phone: 541-556-1968

E-mail: clay.deforge@gmail.com

Robert H. Passaro

Building heirloom-quality custom furniture and committed to using lumber that has been salvaged locally or otherwise harvested responsibly in the Willamette Valley.

Phone: 541-684-0691

E-mail: bobhp@efn.org




Joe Baiamonte


Baiamonte Design is a small shop with the design and manufacturing capability to produce custom furniture on commission from individual clients as well as Interior Designers, and architects.  We can interpret any style period to meet your design goals.

Phone: 541-954-2999

E-mail: joe@baiamontedesign.com

Jeff Bandow, Dinosaur Woodworking

I focus on using wood and aesthetic concrete in the creation of unique, hand-crafted furniture and cabinetry.

Phone: 541-510-4279

E-mail: dinowood@gmail.com


Luminessence is the essence of light captured in handcrafted light sculptures of laminated paper and wood.  To create works of art that bring beauty and light into the environments and lives of individuals is my aim with Luminessence.  I create these works primarily for residential interiors where a unique artistic expression in lighting is desired.  In addition to pieces already created displayed in my home/studio gallery, special orders for pieces to suit your particular environment may be commissioned.



Drew Parrish, Funhouse Productions

Specializing in secret compartments, hidden passages, and revolving bookcases.

Phone:  541-689-9021

E-mail:  drew@playful.com

Sean Wu

Custom furniture design and fabrication, built to the highest quality.

Phone:  (503)706-5365

E-mail:  seanwu@msn.com

Tony Walters, Numana Woodcraft

A woodsmith of fine home furniture, cabinetry, and art.  Specializing in creative complex kitchen designs and commissioned piece work.  Offering traditional craftsmanship for enduring quality, an artisan's approach for elegance and beauty, and sustainable practices to respect the earth and future generations.

Phone:  541-689-5508

E-mail:  tonyw@numanawoodcraft.com


James Nason

I design and build unique pieces of furniture.

Phone:  (541)688-8834


Merideth & Don Ferrell

Don and Merideth combine their talents to create hand-painted silk room dividers. Merideth uses a paintbrush with the liquid silk dyes and Don uses the same dyes in his airbrush to give a soft, layered look on the same silk panel. We gladly accept commissions to custom order individual designs, number of panels, colors, matching fabrics, and panel height. Each room divider is unique.

Phone:  (541)484-4076

E-mail:  paperegg@aol.com

Robert Havas

My commitment is to add architectural depth and warmth.  I bring 30 years of eclectic, diverse, and quality craftsmanship to every project.  I accept commissions from architects, contractors, interior designers, and private clients.  CCB #173549.


Phone:  (541)556-5471

E-mail:  rahavas@gmail.com


Lothar Hoeper, Coho Custom Cabinetry

I specialize in custom home furnishings and fine cabinetry made from environmentally responsible materials and finishes. If my work speaks to you and you have a design in mind, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to talk to you.

Phone:  (541)343-4333

E-mail:  cohocustomcabinetry@yahoo.com

Jeremiah Polynone, jPaul Furniture Design

I specialize in contemporary furniture forms, cabinetry, custom hardware, painted surfaces, and entry doors.  I have been studying furniture and cabinet design for over fifteen years, which makes problem-solving one of my areas of expertise.  I enjoy working with clients who are interested in high quality, who desire one-of-a-kind design, and who understand the benefits of working with a designer craftsman.  Let me turn your ideas into a reality.


Phone:  (541)868-7618

E-mail:  miahmoon@hotmail.com



Tom Clark, Evolve Design

With a background in sculpture from the Art Institute of Chicago and a lifetime of woodworking, my aim is to create work that is unique, beautiful and functional—as well as expressive of and suited to a client’s taste.

Phone:  (541)485-7957

E-mail:  rahavas@gmail.com